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5 Simple Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

Want to grasp the best and least expensive ways to generate leads for your business? Answer is Social Media. If you’re a newbie, there are measures and variety of easy and effective ways you’ll be able to utilize. Let’s see them:

1.Optimize your profile:

Optimize your profile blog

Don’t use a private page for your business. Pick a business profile to induce additional options which will facilitate in growing your business. For example, with a professional Instagram account, you can feature links to your websites in your Instagram stories to increase traffic.

2.Create Clickable Content:

Create Clickable Content blog

Without attractive content, you won’t collect leads. Promoting good content is a great way to grow your social media followers. If you update your content, you should share it via your social media account on a regular basis. In case, if lately you haven’t created or updated your content you can do it by some of the free and easy tools like Canva.

3.Host a Web-Seminar:

Hosting a web-seminar/webinar on your social media account will be proof to generate more leads. People would love to join free webinars where they can learn good topics and you can get a group of people who will join your live webinar the very next time when you go live. Live videos are a great way to connect to people because they can interact with you in real-time.

4.Run a Contest:

Run a Contest blog

When you hold a contest on your account for your audience for free entry and a gift hamper in return, who would not love to participate and with that particular audience and the new audience that you gather via a contest, you can introduce them through your business.

5. Use social paid ads:

social paid ads blog

Instead of posting content on social media you can put your business right in front of your audience with paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram which provides the ability to target users based on their interests  which gives you the assurance that the audience is interested and they are your loyal customers. You can target your audience on that basis of re-marketing which allows you to show ads to those audiences who have viewed your previous story

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