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Top 7 Developments You Must Follow in 2019 When You Do Digital Marketing

A lot of new things happened in the Digital Marketing space last week. Here are the top 7 developments that could be really helpful for us in digital marketing.

#1 LinkedIn Launches its Own Version of Live-Streaming Called ‘LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn’s new live video tool – called ‘LinkedIn Live’ – will provide another option for video content on the platform. LinkedIn Live will give regular members and businesses additional, immediate capacity to share from conferences, product announcements, conduct Q&As and more.

#2 Twitter’s Search Icon Changed From Magnifying Glass To A Hash Symbol​

Twitter has launched a couple of new features this week and one of them is changing the search icon from a magnifying glass to a hash symbol​​.

#3 Instagram is Developing Direct Messages Option on Desktop​

Amid discussion of Facebook’s planned messaging merger, Instagram is now testing the capability for users to access their direct messages from the web versionof its app.​

#4 Instagram is Testing an Account Linking Feature to Simplify Multiple Account Management​

Following its recent launch of multi-account posting, Instagram is now developing a new option to connect several accounts to a single log-in, enabling you to more easily manage your various Instagram accounts. The new option would give Instagram users a range of account management options, which would extend beyond simply being able to more easily manage additional, business-related accounts.​

#6 Product Card Buttons Pop up on desktop Google Search​

Google Shopping product panel adds for “details”, “reviews” and “stores” options.

#7 New script to find the best text for new ads using an n-gram analysis

This script analyzes the performance of commonly found word sequences to deliver additional insights about historical ad performance.

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